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“When it comes to Wirecast, Vicky Lashenko is my go-to expert. She is as helpful as she is knowledgeable. As an added bonus, she is a joy to work with. I couldn’t recommend her more highly."

Michael Hyatt
Michael Hyatt New York Times Bestselling Author

Even Wirecast tech support couldn't fix it. I was losing hope (and sleep) over a gnarly audio issue with my livestreaming in Wirecast. Then along came Vicky Lashenko (cue the uplifting music). Do not let this woman's warm, sweet, southern manner fool you: Vicky is a tigress when it comes to pouncing on Wirecast issues. She is relentless. Your issue becomes her issue, and she won't stop hunting until she's wrestled it to the ground. Do you want to get serious about livestreaming? Then make sure Vicky Lashenko is your guide in the wild world of going live.

Natalie MacLean
Natalie MacLean Canada's #1 Wine Expert, Author and Entrepreneur

Oh my gosh! I am so incredibly grateful for Vicky. She is an absolute life saver. I had been doing Facebook LIVE for a while, but was scared to make the leap to Wirecast. Vicky has held my hand the whole way through and took something that was overwhelming and made it doable. She gave me the confidence to be able to even host my first interview with a guest on my show. Vicky took me step by step through setting up Wirecast for a guest interview and was always available to help troubleshoot whatever came up. I went from being intimidated to feeling like I had a partner on my side to guide me through the process. I now have a show that is professional and streamlined. All thanks to Vicky!

Mary Hyatt
Mary Hyatt Life Coach, Entrepreneur and Presidential Diamond with dōTERRA

Vicky Lashenko has been my Wirecast Guru. Teaching complicated things in a quick and simple way. I was lost and now I found the "Wirecast Way". She has been manipulating this monster for a long time. She can help you tame the "beast". Trust me, if you don't have time, better have someone who knows take you straight to what you need to learn"

Catherine Daar
Catherine Daar Facebook Live Evangelist

What You'll Get

  • 3 - 1hr Sessions With Me Over Zoom

    You can divide these sessions any way you want. Either 3 – 1 hours sessions, 2 1.5 hr sessions, or 2hr and 1hr session – up to you! We will meet over zoom, the exact free software I use to bring on my show guests!

  • A Full Wirecast Set Up and Training from A to Z

    During the 3 sessions we will dive into the exact set-up that I use for my show. From a pre-show shot to your outro video – I will help you set it up in the most simplest way so when you’re talking to your guest – you’re focused on the conversation – not the mechanics of Wirecast!

  • Live Participation During Your First Live Steam with Feedback on How You Can Improve

    I will join you for your first Facebook livestream and be right there with you, cheering you on and helping you troubleshoot if there happens to be an issue. After the call, I will send you an email overviewing the show and my feedback with recommendations to adjust for the future.

  • Recorded Video Sessions for Your Future Reference

    All of our sessions will be recorded by me and sent to you shortly after our call. This is so helpful for my clients and I know will be helpful for you as you can always reference back for information and how-to’s.

  • Email Support and Encouragement

    I understand how stressful learning Wirecast can be! I have struggled for months and learned all the tips and tricks from my own experience. I felt so lonely and had no one to turn to for help – that is why I’m offering this support – so you know that I’m always here for you to help you make this journey a bit easier!

  • Systems and Resources to Start Booking Guests!

    I have developed an incredible system for booking my guests and am happy to share it with you! From the services that I use, to the emails I write, and super ninja automation hacks that will make your guest booking a breeze!

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